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Finally, our site has more than Sugar Babies attractive part Sugar Daddy (4 Women for every man!), And more from Sugar Daddies Diamond than any other online dating sites. In fact, there are more Fortune milliards on than any other online dating site.

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You can be young or old, single or married, but you are generous and you have succeeded. You are looking for a mutually beneficial relationship and you can not stand games.

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Sugar Babies are attractive, ambitious and young at heart. Sugar Babies are university students, aspiring actors and actresses, single mothers, or beginners in the world of work.

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Not convinced? Read some of the testimonials of sugar daddies and sugar babies. Visit the Seeking Arrangement blog and read user reviews. You can also find us on Twitter and Facebook, where we have a lot of success. We invented the Sugar lifestyle and for this reason we also have the most followers of all Sugar sites in the world. And even better, our site is 100% free for Sugar Babies. We also offer a free trial for Sugar Daddy members, so you’ll know that the website is right for you before paying us a single penny.

There are many men and women who want to find a Sugar Daddy, a Sugar Mommy or a Sugar Baby. But they do not know where to start. is the answer!

Confidential and Secure

SeekingArrangement understands that our members need privacy and a secure meeting environment to meet.

Millions of members around the world welcomes millions of Sugar Baby and Sugar Daddy members from all over the world.

Three steps to guarantee a first meeting is an easy-to-use site, designed especially for those seeking mutually beneficial arrangements or mutually beneficial relationships, namely, sugar daddies, sugar mommas and sugar babies.

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Your adventure with begins by filling out a profile about yourself, who you would like to meet and what you expect from a mutually beneficial relationship.

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If you are a Sugar Daddy, there are 4 or more Sugar Baby competing for your attention. If you are a Sugar Baby, our website has more rich men certified and verified than any other site.

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A face-to-face meeting is the best way to find your perfect arrangement. It might take a little while, but do not forget to have fun along the way. Sign up now and find your perfect arrangement today!

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SeekingArrangement is the first dating site for Sugar Daddies. It is a site for connecting rich benefactors with attractive men and women. We coined the term “Mutually Beneficial Relationships” and filed the mark because we understand that everyone is looking for something different, but that the success of any relationship is in mutual benefit. Whether you’re looking for a companion, an intimate relationship or a friendship, or want to pay for your education or get a boost for your career, financial situation, rent or cosmetic surgery, our website will help you find search and find it.


What does it mean to be a Sugar Daddy

a Sugar Daddy is a modern man with a refined taste, exceptional experiences and abundant resources, looking for someone to share his extraordinary life and lifestyle and create a relationship and experiences that matter.

Find the balance

Seeking is about finding relationships according to your conditions. A ™ Sugar Daddy comes with various experiences and responsibilities, including: family, work, traveling as well as her own hobbies / interests.
Varied Sugar Needs – Sugar Baby at Restaurant with Sugar Daddy

Take time for each other

A ™ Sugar Daddy will consider a new relationship as an aspect of his schedule that must be considered and reflected down to the exact location of his table in a restaurant and the exact time he arrives at the service valet at the entrance
Varied Sugar Needs – Sugar Baby at Restaurant with Sugar Daddy

The new modern gentleman

Whether it’s his busy schedule, his thorough knowledge of wines and craft beers, or his love of travel, the ™ Sugar Daddy redefines what it means to be a modern gentleman. He uses to find a relationship with someone who can enhance and amplify his already exceptional life.
Varied Sugar Needs – Sugar Baby at Restaurant with Sugar Daddy

Work hard, play more

A ™ Sugar Daddy is all about business. This implies that there is probably a job with crazy working hours and countless meetings. Do not be discouraged if he takes a little time to answer the texts, he takes care of the business to be able to maintain the relation.

What a Sugar Daddy is not:

Salty: The community is a community where successful members are generous. They are generous with their time, their advice and their language of love. Some of you may know the terms “Salt Daddy” or “Splenda Daddy” to refer to the fake Sugar Daddies who are actually stingy. These members are not welcome in our community or on our website.

Transactional: Our version of “Sugar Daddy” is not the same as the one you find on other dating sites. The Sugar Daddy on does not search for a transactional relationship. While they may be able to afford a luxury lifestyle, our successful members are not expected to look for pay-per-view situations or transactional relationships.

Coarse or degrading: It is not because you are rich and you are successful that you can brutally treat others or lower them. Successful members of our community are supposed to be polite and courteous. They understand that not everyone is a match, but they are gracious in their response, even when others are rude.
Egotistic or Demanding: The Sugar Daddy on is never demanding. It is not because someone has wealth, success and status that he gets what he wants. Our ideal success members choose to be humble and elegant.

Note: If you meet Successful members on our website that do not meet the above standards we have set for our community, please report them using our tools to report members. While other dating sites may tolerate such behavior, we believe that Sugar Daddy is completely different.



Seeking Arrangement is a meeting point for attractive, ambitious and successful people in life. We all aspire to a certain way of life; why not look for someone who already lives this way of life?

Seeking Arrangement is quality first and foremost

Seeking Arrangement is a quality dating site for financially independent men (sugar daddy) and seductive and confident women (sugar babies). Want to enjoy the luxurious side of life with someone special by your side? You have fallen to the right place! Sign up for free now!

Compared to other dating sites, at Seeking Arrangement we knew how to develop and innovate. It is no longer necessary to subscribe to a premium subscription. Do you like one member in particular? You can “unlock” this user by using our own “unlocking” system, exclusively developed by us.

Seeking Arrangement, the largest European community for sugar daddies and sugar babies. It’s the meeting point for sugar dating. Meet the partner of your dreams, get out together and discover the chic and luxurious side of life. Many users are already registered and daily active. Enjoy the comfort of life envied by some, and discover a new way of life unique in its kind.

What is “sugar dating”? Who are the sugar daddies? Who are the sugar babies? Sugar dating is a new form of meeting that brings together sugar daddies and sugar babies near you. A sugar daddy is a wealthy and mature man with a good financial or professional background, and is on average 44 years old. A sugar baby, meanwhile, is an attractive and confident young woman, and is on average 23 years old. Both seek the partner of their dreams to enjoy life to the full. They benefit very easily from this simple relationship in the medium term: a sugar baby is available at any time and offers his free time in exchange for what, a sugar daddy will spoil her gifts, take her with him on trips or outings in the restaurant, the cinema or the theater for example.

Thus, they meet each other several times a month and spend time together to discover life from another perspective. Both want to enjoy the luxurious and glamorous side of life and maintain the relationship of their dreams. Why choose Seeking Arrangement? What do you do better than others? Seeking Arrangement is a dating site based on several important criteria to offer users the best possible experience. Moderation regulates this site in a serious way, and is very reactive: a problem, a question?

Our support will answer you in no time. We are at your disposal so that your experience on the Seeking Arrangement meeting site is pleasant and of high quality. On the other hand, trust is one of our biggest concerns and we want every sugar daddy and sugar baby to understand that he or she is not risking anything. To ensure optimal security for Seeking Arrangement users, we offer 3 security checks: authenticity checks, identity checks (available for sugar daddies and sugar babies) and income verification. (reserved for sugar daddies). Each control allows you to obtain an acronym that will be displayed on your profile once the control is done, to prove that you are someone serious and sincere.

It is therefore strongly recommended that you perform these security checks if you want to increase your chances of meeting someone. In this way, your profile will be highlighted and you will gain credibility with us, and sugar daddies and sugar babies registered on Seeking Arrangement. Efficiency, trust and security are our watchwords. We make sure to guarantee the best possible experience. Our platform is simple, intuitive and easy to use. She offers a “Guided Tour” so that each new user and user of Seeking Arrangement can understand the operation of our dating site and not feel lost from the beginning. During this one, you will be able to learn more about how to get in touch with someone, what the credits are for, what are the advantages of a VIP and other subscription. This is really an overview of the different features offered by Seeking Arrangement.

There is also an FAQ section where you can read the most frequently asked questions. It is therefore in this section that you will learn more about the procedures for performing security (authenticity, identity and revenue) checks, tolerated content and more. It is also possible to consult other questions dealing with small technical problems that can be encountered on our sugar dating site, such as “How can I change my username?” Or “What do I need to know? to do if I forgot my password? “. In addition, users of Seeking Arrangement can also learn more about the various payment methods available on our dating site or the amounts that sugar daddies and sugar babies must pay when buying a VIP subscription.

On the one hand, our own search tool offers you a multitude of customizable criteria, allowing you to filter your searches to meet the sugar daddy or sugar baby of your dreams. Just check the relationship you are looking for or select what you like in someone’s home (hair color, body size, height, age, etc.). This allows our system to sort through the sugar daddies and sugar babies already listed on the Seeking Arrangement, and thus, to offer you a list of those that best match the criteria you specified in the search.

In this way, you will be much more likely to meet the sugar daddy or sugar baby of your dreams and live a unique way of life. On the other hand, the world of today is in constant motion, people have to be mobile and are encouraged to move about on a daily basis, and that at Seeking Arrangement, we have understood it well. That’s why we developed the Seeking Arrangement app. At home, on the train or on the subway, take the Seeking Arrangement app with you wherever you go and meet the sugar daddies or sugar babies around you at all times. Whether on PC, tablet or smartphone, stay connected and do not miss any opportunity to meet: sugar dating has never been easier to meet the ideal partner and maintain the relationship of your dreams.

Find us also on social networks like Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. VIP subscription, credits, what is it? How does it work? For an optimal use of our Seeking Arrangement dating site, you can subscribe to a VIP subscription. You will then have access to the full functionality to maximize your chances and find the ideal partner. On Seeking Arrangement, we propose you 4 subscription packs, allowing you to obtain the status of “VIP member” for a fixed period of time (according to the subscribed subscription): you have the choice between 1 month, 3 months , 6 months or 12 months. As a VIP member, you receive 50 credits per month, but of course you have other benefits. You can then see the list of kisses sent or the list of sugar daddies and sugar babies who added you to favorites, set up your notifications or contact for free all other VIP members registered on Seeking Arrangement. You can also cancel your VIP subscription easily because one click is enough.

Credits represent the currency of Seeking Arrangement. This is what sugar daddies and sugar babies use to “unlock” each other. In this way, sugar daddies can come into contact with sugar babies (and vice versa) and get to know each other better. On Seeking Arrangement, we offer 4 credit packs, allowing you to get 50 credits, 150 credits, 500 credits or 1,000 credits. This obviously depends on the pack you chose when ordering on Seeking Arrangement. The more credits you have, the more sugar daddies or sugar babies you can unlock on Seeking Arrangement. You convinced me! How can I proceed? To do this, simply click on the “Register for Free” button on the Seeking Arrangement home page, after checking “sugar daddy” or “sugar baby”, then follow the instructions on the screen.

Registration is completely free and is done in a few clicks. Then activate your account by using the link received in your mailbox. And here you are registered. So do not wait any longer, and experience an unprecedented sugar dating experience now, and experience a lifestyle that blends luxury and glamor with the partner of your dreams. Many sugar daddies and sugar babies are already waiting for you on Seeking Arrangement. Feel free to do the “Guided Tour” to familiarize yourself with the site, or check our FAQ if you ever need more information. You can always contact our support if you have not found the information you are looking for.

The next step is to complete your profile. If you want to have a relationship with someone serious and honest, you should be interested too. For that, nothing more simple, download the best photo of you, download others for your album and add a small presentation of you. Indicate what are your hobbies, your hobbies and especially the most important, the relationship (s) you are looking for in order to increase your chances and meet the ideal partner (e). This way, you will get more attention from sugar daddies and sugar babies on Seeking Arrangement. A complete profile will appear more frequently in the search results, and will in any case be much more appreciated and favored by other Seeking Arrangement users.

The little advice of the Seeking Arrangement team: Finding the sugar daddy or sugar baby of your dreams is not difficult, but it is recommended to follow our advice to maximize your chances on Seeking Arrangement and to live life with you dream with the ideal partner. Complete your profile to attract as many users as possible. A large number of fields are at your disposal, for you to fill them honestly in order to be contacted more quickly and frequently. Upload the best picture of yourself, upload more for your album and add a little presentation of yourself. Do not forget to indicate your location and think about carrying out your security checks: the authenticity check, the identity check (available for sugar daddies and sugar babies) and the income control (reserved for sugar daddies ). To summarize, insert the most information into your profile.

This allows you to put yourself forward and meet more easily sugar daddies and sugar babies that match you. If you are looking for a special relationship, it will also be necessary to indicate it. Seeking Arrangement users are all looking for a different relationship. You must be clear and precise in your expectations to find sugar daddies and sugar babies with the same objectives as you. In addition, most sugar daddies and sugar babies on Seeking Arrangement know exactly what they are looking for and will not hesitate to be demanding on this point. Think first about looking for sugar daddies and sugar babies who live in big cities. It’s in the big cities that the population is the most dense, which means that you have more chances to meet people looking for a relationship type sugar daddy / sugar baby. If you’re never interested in seeing Seeking Arrangement from your home, you can expand your search to meet people living in areas a little further away. Sometimes you have to know how to adapt to different situations.

The sugar daddy or sugar baby of your dreams may be a little further away from you, so you will be from time to time led to be relatively mobile and flexible so that you can meet in ideal conditions. You finally found a sugar daddy or a sugar baby that you like? So get started, do not let this opportunity pass. Take the first step and contact him / her. To do this, send him pre-written questions, unlock the user in question, then chat with them to get to know them better, and finally, if you wish, you can meet somewhere.

To summarize, the less you hesitate and the better: you have to be reactive on Seeking Arrangement. Do not forget, a sugar daddy has to pay for the outings with its sugar baby, whether at the restaurant, at the cinema or elsewhere. It is also strongly recommended to privilege places that recall a minimum of luxury; It’s also about being able to enjoy the luxurious side of life. You can always go on a trip with your sugar daddy or your sugar baby if the current goes well between you two. It is up to you to advise, but also to see the affinities that you have with your sugar daddy or your sugar baby, and to do according to these affinities. Do not wait any longer ! Join Seeking Arrangement, the largest sugar dating community in Europe, and meet the one who will change your life forever. They are already numerous on our dating site, so join them. You will inevitably meet the sugar daddy or sugar baby of your dreams.