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игра с полями на деньги

Игра с полями на деньги

He decided to sell some of his ants. He started with 965 ants. How many ants does he have now.

Subtracting to and over 10,000: The hobby store normally sells 10,576 trading cards per month. In July, the hobby store sold a total игра с полями на деньги 20,777 trading cards. How many more trading cards did the hobby store sell in July compared with a normal month. Subtracting 3 Numbers: Charlene had a pack of 35 pencil crayons.

She gave 6 to her friend Theresa.

She gave 3 to her friend Mandy. How many pencil crayons does Charlene have left. Subtracting 3 Numbers to and over 100: Ashley bought a big bag of candy to share with her friends. In total, игра с полями на деньги were 296 candies.

She gave 105 candies to Marissa. She also gave 86 candies to Kayla. How яндекс деньги яндекс игры candies were left.

Multiplying 1-Digit Integers: Adrianna needs to cut a pan of brownies into pieces. She cuts 6 even columns and 3 even rows into the pan. How many brownies does she have. Multiplying 2-Digit Integers: A movie theatre has игра с полями на деньги rows of seats with 20 seats in each row. How many seats are there in total.]



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